Organic Delicious

26 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4DA
Open Sun-Wed, Fri: 10.00-16.00, Thu: 10.00-20.00, Sat: 09.00-18.00

An organic vegetarian café in Morningside specialising in breakfasts, lunches, smoothies and shakes. Typical vegan dishes: Roll and vegan sausage £4.95 Homemade Lentil Chilli Served Hot with wrap, Avocado & Fresh Salads of the Day £10.95


134 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 3JD
Open Sun-Fri 11.00-21.00, Sat 10.00-21.00
(0131) 226 2090

Fancy a vegan milkshake? ShakeAway makes it possible. The good news: their vegan milkshakes are made with organic soya milk and soya ice cream. The bad news: there’s a surcharge on the vegan milkshakes (£1.49 on the large, £0.99 on the regular). Typical vegan dishes: Fry’s Peppermint Cream milkshake made with soya ice cream and … Continue reading “ShakeAway”